Cinematic Wedding Films

There is no better way to relive the precious moments of your special day then with cinematic video. It starts with the audio production. Your spoken vows,  the officiant's prepared script, to the guests' sniffles from the tears of joy. We use studio quality wireless microphones to ensure crystal clear recordings of every single word. Our Video cameras shoot up to 6k Resolution, ensuring a vivid viewing experience that will stand the test of time and allow you to re-live the moments in higher definition then the human eye sees in real life! Salty Trades operates multiple cameras, including drones, to ensure a large variety of angles so your play back experience is truly like watching a Hollywood produced movie! Sharing on Facebook ( Social Media ) is easy and those who could not make the event will likely feel as if they were actually there! Photos are great, but nothing compares to a Cinematically Produced Wedding Film.

"The Ceremony Only Option" $1,500

Our most affordable "Cinematic" option covering what can only be lived once, but enjoyed forever. High quality audio, multiple Ultra HD cameras, Drone coverage, and everything professionally edited like a Hollywood produced movie! The best way to share your special day on Social Media!

"The Every Moment Option" $4,000

When watching back your wedding, do you want to re-live every moment from putting on make-up to tossing the bouquet? If you answered Yes, this is the option for you! We provide 8 hours of video coverage, edit a full length highlight cinema ( 5 to 8 min. ), and provide you the all the RAW Footage! 

"The Hollywood Option" $5,000

Not only do we provide all day coverage for your wedding, we film at 3 locations prior! Such as an exotic orange tree forest or a dreamy tropical waterfall. Don't call it a Wedding Video, Its a Love Story...

Wedding Photography

There are many different techniques to producing high quality photos. Some techniques are not as involved as others which assumes a lower price point. You may have heard the common phrase in photography which is "Lighting is Everything" … 

This is a very true statement! Here at Salty Trades we execute the Best and Most Involved Techniques. Such as strategically positioning wireless flash units for balanced exposure at all times under all circumstances, setting up umbrella lights for well lit group shots against harsh backgrounds such as a Maui Sunset, as well as deploying dedicated assistants to cover extra angles and move lighting equipment. However, we also have natural light only skills if opted. NEW and Big Announcement !!! We recently started offering Photography derived via Exported from Video Still Frames! This saves a ton of $$$ and yields amazing quality photos that can be printed as large as 20x30 inches! In summary, we want to work with your needs/budget and equipped to do so!

Looking for a Custom Bundle? Drop us a Line!

We often cater custom packages to our clients needs and budget. We are a 3 person team when Photography and Videography is Opted. We also have close relationships with a variety of Wedding Professionals from Make-Up Artists to Florists should you need any assistance with planning! We work closely with the top wedding planners on Maui to ensure our clients get the best service at the biggest bang for there dollar! Give us a call or send us an email for a free consultation!

 SECRET INSIGHT FOR THOSE WHO MADE IT THIS FAR: With Wedding Industry Professionals, The absolute biggest discounts go to the customers who send there " just shopping " inquires while including the verbiage " We love your work, and want to hire you, but we can only afford $X amount and looking for X Coverage. If you can accommodate, we can make a deposit today "