Cliff Jumping in the Style of Maui

Our Passion is Film Making. We create intricate stories using no words. This was a personal project to commemorate my younger days of being a dare devil.   

The Triathlete of Monaco

We were hired to produce a "Sponsor Me" video for an aspiring Olympian. We wrote the commentary, directed, filmed, and edited the project. The client left 100% creative control to us and was ecstatic with the results. She sent the video link to multiple companies and acquired 3 different sponsors. Our #1 goal with self promotion videos is to give you something that will make you money.

Jaws ( The After Party )

When the WSL's Big Wave Competition needed to be cancelled due to " the waves being too large " the locals came out to play! 

The Monica Starleaf Realtor Promo Cinema

We produce promotional content with intent of your business becoming more "Searchable".  There is no form of promotion more effective! Video is the future!

An Experience with VW

This Maui Realtor wanted to get some video out on the web, so we asked him to schedule one of his clients for a quick interview with us. I give to you, Self Promotion the way its supposed to look.