Cinematic Real Estate Videos

Video is the most effective type of marketing. The facts are staggering. According to By 2020 watching video will account for 80% of global consumer internet traffic. Video increases your chances of a front page google result by 53 times. Video recieves 1200% more shares on social media then photos and text combined. The quality of your marketing materials is a reflection of your professionalism. Impress your clients and attract bigger deals by having a cinema style video produced to show off your Listings!

Virtual Tours will never compete with Cinematic Video. Viewers are forced to use 2 senses as opposed to 1. This creates emotion, which inspires viewers to take action. In your interview to secure a new listing, imagine telling your potential client " I'm going to hire a cinematographer to produce a short film about your house " Will it stand out?

There are Real Estate Videos, and then there are Real Estate Cinemas. There is a difference. Can you see it? Talk about branding opportunity! These videos generate views which helps drive traffic and awareness to the property. Not to mention other homeowners take note of the Realtors Maximum Efforts, resulting in phones ringing with business! 

To view more Real Estate Videos check out our YouTube Channel... ( Link Below )

Real Estate Photography

Having professional photos is crucial to generating traffic to your listing and very necessary to establish a good first impression on potential buyers. We use ultra wide high quality lenses, compose with a mixture of natural and artificial lighting, and often times blend multiple exposures to create the perfect shot every time. We also know how to photoshop out carpet stains, etc. to ensure each photo is the best it can be!

Realtor Profile / Promotional Videos

While it most certainly should not! Creating a video commercial for your business seems out of reach for many. Not only because of the potential cost to produce the video, but the cost to "air" it.... 

Well times have changed. Now you can advertise a video for pennies on the dollar via Social Media. The advertising is executed to targeted audiences rather then the masses. This is why its way less expensive, yet at the same time more effective. The average paid advertisement reaching thousands of maui residents on facebook cost less then $100. I produce video content for businesses to take advantage of these new affordable tools. I charge just $500 Per Day. The average project takes 2 to 3 days to complete including creating the concept, writing the script, filming the conent, capturing the audio, and editing the final product. We take care of everything. I typically do not provide just 1 video from the efforts. I provide multiple mini versions so there are plenty of options to post fresh video content to places like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, ETC. The videos provide ROI for Decades. Contact us for a free consultation and lets discuss vision and options.

Monica Starleaf's Realtor® Profile Cinema

Pricing is custom and based on list price, square footage, location, needs, and accessibility. Contact us for a free quote! Our services start at just $249!